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Business Broker

If you want to sell your business or interested in buying a business, Courtenay Leopard can help.  As a business broker, she can help with your commercial properties as well as manage your properties for you.  Commercial real estate brokerage requires a higher level of real estate knowledge and experience, and Courtenay provides that experience to her clients on a daily basis.

Sellers of commercial properties need a real estate professional that understand the many considerations and calulations that enter into analyzing a property for investment potential.  That's the only way to market your property!.  Buyers need the same knowledge and experience in evaluating properties to make certain that they're getting precisley the right commercial real estate for their needs.

The retail business requires a lot of dedication to customer service to be successful.  Courtenay Leopard realizes that she needs to provide the same high level of customer service to retail businesses to support their customer's expeirence.  She is there to provide maintenance, marketing and facility services to promote retail success.

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